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Ayiti Chérie 
Baking Dish

Introducing the remarkable Ayiti Chérie baking dish - your ultimate kitchen companion! 

This extraordinary Ayiti Cherie Baking Dish is available in not one, but TWO sizes to cater to all your cooking needs.  It's an essential for everyone.

"Experience Haitian Food with Wahim Home Decor's Ayiti Chérie Baking Dish"

"Revolutionize your Haitian food experience with Wahim Home Decor's Ayiti Chérie baking dish, a quintessential addition to your kitchen. From the heart of Haiti to your home, our versatile baking dish comes in two sizes that cater to all your cooking needs. Explore the flavors of Haiti Cherie with us today!"


Regardless if you're a seasoned chef or a passionate home cook, this elegant baking dish set is a crucial addition to your kitchen repertoire.

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Ayiti Chérie 2 Size Baking Dish 

  • Pocelain

  • Small : 11"L x 7.7" W x 2.6" H

  • Large : 15.35" L x 13.38" W x 2.6" H

  • Haiti Shape

  • White

  • Oven & Dishwasher Safe Bakeware | Food Safe Glazing | Restaurant Quality Dinnerware

10-Year Warranty

We stand behind quality design, superior materials and expert craftsmanship

Map of Haiti, Postal Stamp, Sustainable
Elegant & Prartical

Provides unmatched heat distribution for consistent baking results, while its smooth, non-stick surface ensures easy food release and clean-up.

Easy to Clean

Quality finishes make our materials easy to clean.

Free Shipping

On qualifying orders

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